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Crafting Extraordinary.

"At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to enhance connection and unveil the beauty in every space where we live, work, play, and grow."

About DSID Co.


De'Lisa Stringer

Founder | CEO





With a legacy rooted in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry for over a decade, it's an understatement to say our firm stands as a pinnacle of design expertise and innovation. We transcend the ordinary, setting a new standard for culture, customer experience, and reputation in our field.


In our unwavering commitment to excellence, our brand signifies refined quality, punctual delivery, and enduring partnerships. Through meticulous execution, we've uncovered that the difference between a remarkable experience and a lackluster one lies in the intentional design, the essence of collaboration, and the ability to adapt seamlessly.

Join us in shaping the future to make environments the best they can be. Explore the ethos of our nurturing culture, where we extend genuine care to our team, customers, and partners alike. Discover our unique blend of humility and ambition as we passionately pursue our goals to create timeless designs making all things beautiful and witness firsthand how we craft adaptable design solutions to maximize real estate potential and redefine the quality of everyday life. 


Stay Inspired,


At the helm of our firm, De'Lisa Stringer, a distinguished Auburn University Alum with a dynamic background in business and construction spheres.  Armed with a keen eye, De'Lisa leads the charge in transforming spaces with a decerning eye for vision and strategy. Beyond crafting beautiful spaces, De'Lisa blends her passion for extraordinary environments seamlessly with her commitment to fostering talent. 

"No detail is too small." 


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