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Elevate Your Space Part I: Visual Interest, Balance, and Flow

Updated: Mar 11

When it comes to crafting a visually stunning and inviting home, achieving visual interest, balance, and flow are a few fundamentals in creating a harmonious and captivating home. Here why...

What is seen and how things feel alter our mood and perception of space. Ever felt mentally flooded or unable to concentrate? How about overwhelmed, anxious, or over stimulated. Surroundings shape and influence your mentality! Today we are discussing how to promote a inspirational and uplifting mindset by being intentional about elevating your surroundings. Let's begin with visual interest. Visual interest includes depth, dimension, textures, and patterns that are integral and indispensable elements of building a compelling environment. While independent, each facet contributes uniquely to the sensory experience of a well designed space. To add depth and dimension explore combining basic shapes such as round, square, oval, and odd shaped pieces to a basic layout. If you have multiple pieces in a space with hard corners consider adding elements with more rounded corners and softer shapes. For instance, incorporate arches when it comes to making decisions about trim, custom built-ins, and openings.

Consider the appropriate scale for spaces with high ceilings, and accurate proportions for rooms may be longer or wider than usual. Try elevating your environment by mixing fibers such as wool rugs for hardwood floors proven for durability and linens, velvets, and performance fabrics for seating, and explore mixing surface types such as solid surfaces like wood, and stone, with more transparent surfaces such as glass to break down the monotony of a basic layout.

Balance is another key player to building out a harmonious space with synergy. Not to be confused with matching elements, balance refers to the distribution of visual weight within a composition to create a sense of equilibrium, symmetry, and harmony. Simply put, it involves arranging elements in such a way that no single part of the design overwhelms or dominates the others creating visual cohesion. There are various design techniques and principles used to achieve balance. A simple way to apply this is to repeat a format, pattern, or negative space,  equally on either side even if the elements are not identical. Careful compositions like this often result in more dynamic and visually interesting focal points. 

Lastly, flow is one of the best ways to unify elements in a space. One reason we focus on flow is its power to create  a sense of cohesion and rhythm in a room which allows the eye to move seamlessly from one area to another. A few simple ways we create flow in design is by following three principles. Albeit there are many more ways to take flow a step further, below is a three ways we incorporate flow each and every project.

  1. Identify and establish a focal point in the room. This focal point will serve as an anchor and guide to layout the rest of the space. Don't forget to consider paths of egress from one area to another which can always be reinvented by zoning areas within a room. More about this in a future post.

  2. Use rhythm and repetition in design elements to create unity. Elements do not need to match to have rhythm and repetition. Instead repeat shapes, patterns and colors at regular intervals to guide the eye at the right tempo through the space.

  3. Emphasize sight lines to ensure focal points are visible from multiple vantage points within the space. This creates connections across different areas making each room feel like a continuous journey.

By considering these principles you can create a sense of flow that enhances functionality, visual appeal, and interest.There are many more ways to implement flow– check back with us for more ways we create flow on our design projects. As you can tell, we love maximizing the potential of things old, new, large, and small. With these key elements in mind you can streamline the synergy of your environment while generating more visual interest giving you something to love and your guest something to talk about! Until next time.

Stay Simply Inspired.

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