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Discovering Your Design Style

Feeling overwhelmed by the task of choosing a design style for your home? You're not alone. Finding your design style does not need to feel overwhelming. Many of us have been there, torn between what we love and what’s trending. 

If you are struggling to decide on a design style for your home, I challenge you to shift your perspective. Instead of chasing after fleeting trends, consider your home's identity through the lens of your own identity. Your home should be a reflection of who you are, a space that tells your story and symbolizes your essence. I have never been one to lean towards trends. My approach has always been to integrate things that bring me joy. If I love it, I get it and trust that there is a unique place in store for it within my four walls. 

In this post, I’ll share key insights to help you discover your style identity so your home will reflect your unique story. 

Reflect on Your Lifestyle: Start by reflecting on your lifestyle, interests, and preferences. Are you drawn to cozy, comfortable spaces or sleek, modern designs? Do you love vibrant colors and patterns, or do you prefer a more minimalist aesthetic? Understanding how you live and what makes you feel comfortable and inspired is key to defining your style identity.

Gather Inspiration: Take some time to gather inspiration from various sources, such as interior design magazines, websites, social media platforms, and even your own experiences and travels. Pay attention to what catches your eye and resonates with you. 

Take it one step further by creating a mood board or Pinterest board to compile your favorite images and ideas.

Identify Your Design Elements: As you gather inspiration, pay attention to recurring themes, colors, patterns, and textures that give you a sensory experience. These elements can provide clues to your design preferences. Are you drawn to tribal prints and earthy palettes, or do you prefer the clean lines and neutral palettes of Scandinavian design? Identifying these key elements will help you narrow down your design preferences.

Consider Your Story: Your home is a reflection of your story, so consider what elements of your personal history, culture, and experiences you want to incorporate into your design. Whether it's family heirlooms, travel souvenirs, or artwork that holds sentimental value, integrating these meaningful elements into your décor can add depth and richness to your space.

Stay True to Yourself: Above all, stay true to yourself and your own unique tastes and preferences. Don't feel pressured to conform to any particular design trends or styles if they don't resonate with you. Your home should be a place where you feel comfortable, inspired, and at peace, so trust your instincts and let your personality shine through in your design choices.

Finding your design style doesn't have to feel overwhelming. By approaching the process with curiosity, self-reflection, and authenticity, you can create a home that truly reflects your story and identity. So embrace the journey, explore different styles, and have fun infusing your space with elements that speak to your soul. After all, your home is your greatest masterpiece. Until next time.

Stay Simply Inspired!

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