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A Journey Beyond the Job Site

Updated: Mar 5

Navigating the digital landscape can be overwhelming. The internet is flooded with content, concepts, and commodities. In a world saturated with information, I find solace in my favorite chair flipping through the pages of a new magazine as a refreshing respite from incessant scrolling. I grew up during a time when newspapers and magazines were hand delivered so I still miss seeing the newspaper being tossed into the driveway every once in a while. 

As a buyer, builder, past design client, homeowner, and business owner, I understand how challenging it can be to create an environment that suits you. Welcome to our new blog where I offer education, community building, and inspiration for those who are on a personal journey to discover and build an environment that suits you. The design process is a journey and as one mentor used to say to me in the corporate sphere, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and inspiration with you. As you navigate this journey with us I want to paint a clear picture of what you can expect as you engage with us. Our purpose for this blog is to provide an invitation for mindful design to inspire, to think beyond what’s obvious, and to help you explore your boundaries and personal expression.

Within our blog community you will find:

  • Opportunity to learn what works for you

  • Invitation to think beyond the obvious 

  • Approach to keep things simple

  • Lens for how to set up your environment to live well

Our blog is not:

  • A guide to copying a particular style

  • Advice to fill your home with more

  • Look book for trends

Drawing from over 12 years of architecture, engineering, and construction experience, I provide insights into crafting spaces that promote peace and well-being. I’ve worked alongside people from all sorts of disciplines throughout my career where I have learned more than a thing or two about how to create a positive, welcoming, and inviting experience — for yourself and others. Join us as we embrace new territory, define how to craft excellence, and inspire change that works uniquely for you. Until next time!

Stay Simply Inspired.

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