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From challenging and compelling projects with repeat clients to new pursuits, our talented team thinks creatively and pushes boundaries to consistently deliver groundbreaking results.

Jessica  |  North Carolina
I am truly honored to have had the pleasure of living in a space designed by De’Lisa. Before we met, I was convinced that beautiful spaces were typically not functional. I struggled to find balance between just buying decor to fill a space versus buying things that speak to me and make my house feel like home. De’Lisa taught me that living spaces can be both beautiful and practical. She transformed boring rooms into effortlessly styled, cozy, and useful spaces that we love to spend time in. De’Lisa listened to our wants and needs and created a vision far better than we ever imagined. She is a true joy to work with and her talent is unparalleled. 


1330 Sunday Dr. Suite #101

Raleigh, NC 27607

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